Lise's gallery :3

I've got a lot of stuff i like laying around, from art i've commissioned, to game clips, to memes i like, to edits im probably a little too proud of. so here's a bunch of em

click on any image to view the artist/source


a pink splatoon inkling girl

the first profile pic i used! well technically there was a boy one first but cmon look at my website, im not posting it here. i really like the style of this splatoon picrew tbh

a picrew of a woman with extremely long purple hair, circle glasses, a purple plaid unbuttoned shirt, with a plain pink shirt underneith. oh and cat ears

this is the second main profile pic i've had. used it for a good while there. i really like this style tbh, i should find the artist's info and comm them or something

a catgirl with purple ears, based on the previous picrew

my memory's fuzzy, but i think this is the first piece of art i commissioned! it was based on my second picrew over there. honestly its kinda funny how a random picrew turned into my fursona through a bigol game of telephone

my catgirl OC, doing a piece sign. she also has trans and bi pride pins

the first thing i commissioned my friend kp for!
i think i paid for this with a valorant gift card lmao

my OC as previously described, in yet another art style, doing a piece sign. she looks like she hasnt showered in a week and is overall a gremlin of a person

im pretty sure this is the first time i commissioned somebody i didnt already know. she's such a little greeble here /pos

a quick doodle of the previously described catgirl, in fire, with the text "chaos" above her

a friend of mine just randomly doodled my oc one day, and idk its nice :)
i dont think it got posted anywhere, now that i think about it

a reference sheet of my sona, in the aformentioned 'gremlin' art style. showing the front and back of her, in a pose holding up one fist near chest leve, with the other at her side. black cat knee high socks have also been added

i loved that last comm so much i almost immeidately went ahead and got a full ref sheet!!
...only to use it exactly once before getting a fursona lmao

i commissioned this guy for my minecraft skin, and honestly good work i'd recommend. however he DID take a good few months to get around to me after payment, with basically no communication. so maybe not

a rough sketch in a pastel style, of a purple-pink fox fursona in a dark jacket with trans colored accessories, holding a trans flag. she also has a big poofy tail. there is a second sketch in the corner, of her even more poorly drawn, holding a monster can, with the text 'drinks monster energy in secret' above her

one day my friend kp just offered to shittily draw people fursonas. i jokingly asked for one and now here we are

A purple humanoid fox fursona, with white accents. She is wearing a black hoodie with the hood down and front unzipped, along with a basic bra and shorts. the hoodie has various transgender colored features, including arm stripes and hearts. she has a large poofy tail, with a transgender flag sticking out of it. her eyes are closed, mouth open and drooling. she is holding a can of monster, with many empty and spilling cans behind her

after seeing that last image i immediately commissioned kp for something higher effort. i think its *really* funny that up until this point i was adamantly denying being a furry. but now, just look at me!

a pencil sketch of my fursona looking at the camera, with the word 'woag' in a sharp font to the side


a pastel drawing. two comic panels. in the first, my fursona is handing a blue present to a red demon made of fire. a Christmas tree is in the background. in the second, it's an over the shoulder shot of the demon opening the present, which contains a pipe bomb about to explode

i commissioned this from kp (again (god i have given her so much money)) as a christmas present for my friend luke, of my fursona giving their sona a present. and i just think it's nice :3

rough 2 panel pastel comic. first one has my fursona exclaiming 'IM NOT A FURRY!', with her arms up as if she's shaking her fists. the second panel has her looking degected, almost contemplating existance, with small text captioning her '(how is she still in denial)

kp also just randomly threw this in with that last comm lol

an animated gif of a simplistic drawing of my fursona, opening and closing her mouth

one time i was playin spelunky on stream with kp, so she drew up this little pngtuber for me to sit on her stream layout :3

a rendition of my fursona, appearing more catlike than foxlike, notably a long slender cat tail instead of a big poofy fox tail. she has the dark jacket with trans colored patches, long dark hair, red booty shorts, knee length black boots, and garders with a heart on them. there is the word 'meow' in the bottom right corner, with each letter a different color (purple orange pink and green, in order). the O is also a cat paw
my fursona re-imagined as a protogen

i cant remember WHY, but one day a while back luke decided to re-imagine my fursona as a protogen

a red fire person in an adidas tracksuit, embrasing my fursona in a purple sweater with a hexagonal pattern on the sleeve. they are kissing

also cant remember why this exists. but my fursona's got a sweater on here she's not had before or since and i kinda dig it

my fursona standing on a red background, paralyzed with fear, looking up at something. there is text in the top left corner saying 'Oh No!! Lise is in DANGER' A large yellow steam roller, piloted by a Mii in a white suit with red tie, and a cowboy hat. text on screen says 'Lise owes him $7 (she did NOT pay him back)'. there is an arrow pointing from the text to the driver a shot from my fursona's POV, up at the steam roller. the driver's face is in shadow, with his left eye glaring red. you can see my shadow on the roller, still in fear as i'm about to be flattened My fursona, flat as paper, laying on the ground in a generic chalk outline dead person pose. Text on the left says 'Fin.', with a smiling kaomoji

two people in me and luke's friend group, wuhu and yeast, REALLY dont like me for some reason (i'm pretty sure its *MOSTLY* a bit). so one day they decided to joint commissioned luke to draw me getting flatted by yeast's mii

a reference sheet for my fursona. on the top middle is the text 'Lise' in big pink/purple letters, with the text 'she/her - fox (line break) 5'0'. on the left is two large drawings of her, in a neutral pose, front and back facing. on the bottom right are three smaller chibi drawings of her. the leftmost is her in a dark crop top with spaghetti straps, a pink plaid knee-length skirt with visible panty strings coming out the top, fishnets on her left leg (viewer's right), and knee high black socks with white strips. she also has a simple bead bracelet. the middle outfit has her in the original outfit she wore, the black jacket with trans colors, dark crop top and shorts, and text specifying there are pockets inside, and the shoulder trans hearts design. the right design is a more casual fit, with a loose t-shirt, visible dark bra straps, and booty shorts. in the top right there is an inventory of items, containting keys on a quake keychain, a black and white LTT store water bottle, a blue 3ds, a pink splatoon styled phone case, and a photo of a hand holding a glock 19. the photo still has the PNG transparent background, and the hand has been edited to be pink

the latest thing i've commissioned from kp (for now), this reference sheet! i really like how it turned out, with all the cute little outfits and the items i'll usually carry on me.

my fursona in a purple skirt and red top, with VERY large breasts. she is doing a piece sign, and has a transgender colored sweatband on the same wrist. there is also an artist watermark in the bottom left corner, for @chaos_catt

i jokingly complained about how nobody has drawn my fursona with big titties, so crys decided to take matters into her own hands hdfjkshf

my fursona in a grey button down shirt, a loose red tie, a long navy blue knee length skirt, knee high white socks, and black shoes. she has an arm at her hip, and is in general looking a smidgem mad. there is text on the side that says 'Lise Mewo!?'

my fursona fused with a friend's OC

my fursona in a plain black bra, a pink plaid skirt, knee high black socks, and a fishnet on one leg. she has one arm up, with a black bead bracelet, and her hand curled to resemble a paw

a suprise early birthday gift from my friend emilia, a commission from her friend of my fursona!

my fursona taking a mirror selfie with a pink phone, looking seductively into the camera. she is sitting on a bench with a second mirror behind her, with pink lights around the edges. she's wearing a black choker with metal spikes and a heart in the middle, a black off-the-shoulder cut sweater, showing a lot of cleavage. the sweater has the pink splatoon 'squid eye' design on it. she is also wearing denim booty shorts, and black cat thigh highs. overlaid on the image is snapchat styled text, saying 'u up? :3'

i saw this YCH and just knew i had to jump in on it

a short gif of my fursona blinking, while holding up a peace sign

(something about this gif and different apps/platforms fucks it up, it might look weird and compressed on your device)

my fursona in her usual black jacket, putting up a peace sign, and saying 'yay im 19'. the text 'its liseday' is also in the corner

this one just appeared in my dms unannounced at 1am the day after my birthday lmao

a sketch of an anime boy with pink hair, wearing a pink hoodie where the hood makes it look like the face hole is kirby's mouth

technically this has nothing to do with me, but a while back i saved this art from @zooo_frog on twitter to use as a profile pic, but shortly after that they got suspended. i cant find any other accounts from them on any other platforms, so i figured i should preserve this here

my fursona strolling past the white house in a pair of heely's, with a wanted poster for her arrest flying by in the wind. the entire image has a strong purple filter to it, and it's grainy like an old vhs tape

I won an art giveaway from mewo and then just forgot to upload it anywhere for months LMAO

neco arc from melty blood, redrawn as my fursona

kp drew this for me completely unprovoked for christmas. she will burn in hell forever

memes/edits about me

the first commission of my fursona, on a CRT TV
ms paint drawing of a purple cat drinking a can of monster

mombtster :3

the first commission of my fursona, cropped to just a headshot, with a thought bubble saying 'man, i sure could go for some BALLS right now'
heart locket gif, opening up to my fursona paired with the text 'lies'
a cat, loafing, looking at the camera, edited to have purple fur
the webkinz milk cat meme (Know Your Meme article is linked), with my fursona's pngtuber edited over the plush
that meme of eminem throwing a rat, but the rat has been replaced with my pngtuber
eminem throwing my fursona pngtuber into a bathtub. she has a distressed face
aftermath of the previous image. she's now floating face up in the bathtub, with her face gone. the water has turned pink
my fursona in a tight shirt and pants, drawn over the top seductive and with comically large breasts. on the side is the text 'lise strip game', acompanied by text saying '10 likes' and '5 retweets'

okay so um. some context. a friend of mine has access to tweet from my account because it's *really* funny sometimes (we call them the tweetdeck gremlin). one day they drew this and tweeted it on my account, pretending i'm gonna do a "strip game" (posting more and more revealing artwork as i get more interactions) with my fursona. needless to say it stopped here

i dont know why, but one day a bunch of people all randomly decided to flood my replies with a fucking fancam of me???? i dont know why this exists but it does and i am scared

and then somebody i have never even *seen* before just replies to me with this???

an access badge on a lanyard, with the image of my fursona sitting on it. the badge says 'LISE. OVERNIGHT GUARD. SECUIRTY. Hired: 10-1-2023' on it. there is a barcode at the bottom. around the badge is a second badge, made of metal, resembling a police badge. however this one says 'Security: Fazbear Entertainment', featuring freddy fazbear in the center, and chica the chicken at the top. these are both on top of some various papers, with blood splattered on them, all on a wooden table

as promotion for the fnaf movie, they opened up a chat bot that puts you through an "interview", before giving you a badge

the initial sketch of my fursona, flipped horizontally and cropped to just the face region, with a pink speech bubble that reads: erm, 'stop killing people?' Don't you know im neurodivergent and formerly a minor?

memes/edits ive made (about whatever)

a screenshot of DanTDM's iconic minecraft lab, with two giant villager babies edited to look like they're crashing into it, like rockets or bombs

i think i made this when i found out DanTDM was having a second kid

a picture of a cop jumping at the camera. eminem has been edited in to make it look like he threw the cop
heart locket opening up to the box art of the ghostbusters video game, and the text 'ghostbusters the video game (wii, 2009) my beloved'
heart locket opening up to a red envelope with a cartoon bomb inside it, and the text 'letterbomb my beloved'
the weezer blue album, edited to be a DS game box

made this because i made up a fake weezer DS game to try and trick people lmao. had a tweet that played this and claimed it was from this nonexistant game

an edited screenshot of a tumblr post. corupswalker-deactivated posts 'if someone made pixel art of small fry id be very happy boy'. user bowelfly reblogs it with an pixel art of a small mcdonalds fry, with the text 'enjoy your fries' underneith. bowelfly then reblogs it again, years later (as evident by the timestamps), with the text 'throwback to taht time i didnt realize that small fry was the name of someone's pet'

inspired by the iconic mulch pixel art post (click the image), i made this. shoutouts to audrey for making the squid picrew in the post for me and- oh god i just realized i typo-ed and dropped the word a in the first part

on the top, is springtrap staring through the fnaf 3 window, while the red alarm lights are going off. on the bottom, is markiplier staring back at him from the other side of the window, on the gmod recreation of the fnaf 3 map

the lights may be blaring, but i like to think of that as the red hot burning love i feel in my heart for YOU

the weezer blue album, edited to be a GBA box the weezer blue album, as a GBA cartridge

a while back i had a dream that involved a fictional weezer game for the GBA. so i mocked up the box art and cartridge

hatsune miku on the ledge of SSBM's final destination, ledgeguarding fox's up b with leeks. text above her says 'haha gottem ggs'

things i didnt make, but i like

a gif of mario powering up, from the smash melee intro. the text 'birthday' has been overlayed on the middle
stream donation popup, with a neco arc gif, and the text 'did you know that im circumcised'
a screenshot of a tweet from twitter user spicytacosky, with a picture of a giant hole in their ceiling, captioned 'FUCK MAN THE CEILING'. this is a quote tweet of one of their own tweets, saying 'lets say hypothetically speaking i was making a bomb and it went off what the hell do i do now'
a cat, appearing to stand on 2 legs, with its 'arms' in an A pose, with a purse type bag. has text overlayed that says 'normalize being nice and having fun'

this single image is my entire moral philosophy and i'm dead serious about that. same shit with bill and ted "be excellent to eachother"

two grey cats on a blue couch, captioned 'two of them' two tb creatures on a blue couch, captioned 'two of them'

gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people gay people

game clips

i'm on the enemy team from all these dudes who just spawned. i'm disguised as a scientist, which is a class who tries to escape, with these dude's help.

me and the other dude in the elevator are guarding the nuke, that'll go off and blow up the whole underground facility. an SCP (big eldritch horror monster) comes in to try and turn off the nuke so that he doesnt die. we're both armed with a weapon that has low power left click attacks, or a high power right click charge attack, that only has 5 uses. on the 5th it explodes, and mine is on number 5. his is not. there were also grenades on the floor that get triggered by nearby explosions

super fucking hard secret boss fight in the splatoon 2 DLC

playing HL1 mmod in call with audrey

nintendo has GREAT netcode

playin spelunky 2 arena in call with kp and luke

computer with pink monitor, next to text '[heart]' trans pride flag with the text 'this user is trains' two among us crewmates on either side, facing the text 'happy pride'. everything is cycling through the RGB color range 'autism!' with a TBH creature on the right yellow squid on the left, with a tiny splotch of purple on the top right. the background is yellow. white 'splatoon 3' text in the middle dark blue-green background, music note monster on the left, with red flower petals on the right. in the middle is the text 'jerma985' hatsune miku head bobbing on the left, with the text 'miku fan!!' best in 1920x1080 ACAB anything but chrome '410757864530 dead cops', with confetti two kirbys crouching at eachother, with the text 'best buds' in the middle bob from animal crossing spinning, next to the text 'powered by bob' this website is gay same shit different assole. chrome logo that fades into internet explorer logo cock sucking faggot 'FrogNet', crazy frog lets crush capitalism a counter-terrorist shooting at a terrorist. the text counter strike then falls into place fire background with text 'digital blasphemy' tired of skype? just get discord donate button, with visa and master card logos a cat with a meooooow text box. also the word devils doomguy's face, next to the text get doom NOW! doomguy grinning next to the doom logo doom2stuff the voros twins, next to the text 'DA BLINKIE?!' dreamcast logo powered by dr pepper dumb gay bitch disorder SCP Foundation if your *son* wears a *skirt* get him some cute *kneesocks* as well. take the web back. rediscover the web. safer better faster. the browser you can trust. get firefox. gameboy advance legalize weed now i hate macintosh the half life lambda, and gordon freeman jerma sparkle on keep the web free say no to web3 low tier god NOW Minecraft Netflix no fucking thanks, bonking NFT monkey with hammer piracy now! queen deltarune on the windows xp bliss wallpaper sburb logo freddy fazbear scottgames now's your chance spamton steam transgender hearts trans rights NOW! trans rats pikachu twitter trans your gender uhhh bye bisexual visual studio code wii the U from the wii u youtube my fursona opening and closing her mouth a female mii blinking, next to her name, Soafen. below her name the words 'posts midis files videos goodies' are cycling through
xenia linux
An image of a Nintendo Wii console and Wii Remote. The console has the Gilber Baker pride flag overlayed on it, and the remote has the transgender pride flag.
A Really Small Flashbang