i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. i couldn't have made this whole thing without tons of help, from both friends and strangers. so in no particular order, here's everyone and everything that i remember, i have a shit memory. contact page exists if i forgot you

(no art credits on here, cus they're all on the gallery)

Audrey: for helping me out with HTML, making the titular gay wii you see down there, and the button to put the oneko to sleep

Nightcat: for helping me out with the HTML audrey didn't know. Also for their site i shamelessly checked the source of to figure out some stuff

leo: i don't think they *technically* did anything, but they said i could ask them for help anytime, and i figured out a lot of obvious things just by explaining my problem in dms and then immediately realizing the solution the second i said it out loud

Maia (not that one): mostly just being a good friend, and occasionally pointing out an obvious technical change i should make. also recommending namecheap to buy my domain from

maia (that one): we've never spoken, but it's site provided a lot of aesthetic inspiration, technical help (when i checked the source to see how tf she did things), and also the little kitty following the mouse (technically an open source project from someone else, but i couldn't get that working for some reason. so i just copied the script from maia's site)

Hax: for making the sprite edit of the aforementioned kitty, turning it into my fursona

Emma: again like leo, being someone smarter than me i can just explain my problem to, only to realize what my issue was immediately after hitting send. actually did help me out with some https stuff though

88x31 (real unfortunate dimensions there), yesterweb, and, for all those badges you see down there

Gravis Cathode Ray Dude: for more visual inspiration and source code "theft". bust mostly just fueling my interest in old shit, and giving me the idea to host a website like this in the first place. again, never talked to him

Chloe and Autumn: for helping me get cave story working

Feather for various svg icons

computer with pink monitor, next to text '[heart]' trans pride flag with the text 'this user is trains' two among us crewmates on either side, facing the text 'happy pride'. everything is cycling through the RGB color range 'autism!' with a TBH creature on the right yellow squid on the left, with a tiny splotch of purple on the top right. the background is yellow. white 'splatoon 3' text in the middle dark blue-green background, music note monster on the left, with red flower petals on the right. in the middle is the text 'jerma985' hatsune miku head bobbing on the left, with the text 'miku fan!!' best in 1920x1080 ACAB anything but chrome '410757864530 dead cops', with confetti two kirbys crouching at eachother, with the text 'best buds' in the middle bob from animal crossing spinning, next to the text 'powered by bob' this website is gay same shit different assole. chrome logo that fades into internet explorer logo cock sucking faggot 'FrogNet', crazy frog lets crush capitalism a counter-terrorist shooting at a terrorist. the text counter strike then falls into place fire background with text 'digital blasphemy' tired of skype? just get discord donate button, with visa and master card logos a cat with a meooooow text box. also the word devils doomguy's face, next to the text get doom NOW! doomguy grinning next to the doom logo doom2stuff the voros twins, next to the text 'DA BLINKIE?!' dreamcast logo powered by dr pepper dumb gay bitch disorder SCP Foundation if your *son* wears a *skirt* get him some cute *kneesocks* as well. take the web back. rediscover the web. safer better faster. the browser you can trust. get firefox. gameboy advance legalize weed now i hate macintosh the half life lambda, and gordon freeman jerma sparkle on keep the web free say no to web3 low tier god NOW Minecraft Netflix no fucking thanks, bonking NFT monkey with hammer piracy now! queen deltarune on the windows xp bliss wallpaper sburb logo freddy fazbear scottgames now's your chance spamton steam transgender hearts trans rights NOW! trans rats pikachu twitter trans your gender uhhh bye bisexual visual studio code wii the U from the wii u youtube my fursona opening and closing her mouth a female mii blinking, next to her name, Soafen. below her name the words 'posts midis files videos goodies' are cycling through
xenia linux
An image of a Nintendo Wii console and Wii Remote. The console has the Gilber Baker pride flag overlayed on it, and the remote has the transgender pride flag.
A Really Small Flashbang